I-Estate is originally a software application that’s focused on the real estate sector. It allows the owner or a real estate agent to easily showcase the apartment to the user. It addresses one of the growing difficulties in the real estate sector, the complications involved in visiting an apartment real-time. This application makes it entirely possible for anyone to review an apartment through an interactive screen without being physically present in the apartment.

Technology Employed

The application can be used around a 55 inch multi-touch display in which all the details of an apartment, like entire floor view, design plan of the flat, pictures of the interiors, and more can be viewed. This will provide a broader, high-definition view of the apartment that can be accessed right through the multi-touch user interface.

Benefits of I-Estate

I-Estate will greatly revolutionize the marketing in real estate sector. It’s easy to use, capable of providing the entire map view, and can greatly help in marketing an apartment. The owner can display the apartment to a huge crown of people without even taking them to the place. The application also has an option, where the user can leave their contact details for the owner.


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