A cloud based educational platform that allows teachers and students to collaborate and access study materials across different educational fields. They can access various learning contents, create test documents for students, take part in online assessments, and even review their performance in a more engaging and comprehensive way.

Our Approach

We put our maximum efforts into understanding the idea and requirements of the client. We held multiple sessions of brainstorming, both with our client and our internal developmental teams to come up with a more practical idea about EduplayCloud. When the business model was developed, we proposed the concept to our client and they were very impressed to see their idea get materialized.

Design Challenges

Educational domain is highly competitive and there already exists lots of learning based applications. We didn’t want to create a repetitive application, and wanted to make the product unique and standalone. We customized our material design standards in a unique way so that it’s simple and easy to use. Achieving simplicity in a more complex model was bit of a challenge, but we succeeded in doing it.

Development Timeline

Our agile methodology allowed us to work parallely across various developmental procedures and the client could transparently look at our project proceedings. We already had a similar prototype and it helped our developers to understand the concept of EduplayCloud better. We successfully completed the project in the set timeline and delivered a fully functional business application to our client.


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